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Arlyne Marella

Founder of Queen with Arlyne +
Host of Recipes for Realness

Nicole Hernandez

Host of The Daring Kind Podcast and Founder of the Traveling Hypnotist

Maira Hernandez

Author of Aventura, Amor Y Tacos: The Path to Reconnecting with the Motherland

Ali Cortes

Founder of Bienestar Latinx 


Meet Your Coach

Denise Soler Cox

After going from a stay-at-home-mom to award-winning activist filmmaker, Top 100 podcaster and to sought-after Fortune 500 speaker, Denise Soler Cox uses her experience to transform lives through storytelling.

In 2014 she Co-Founded Project Eñye a multimedia production company whose purpose is to transform how we think about culture, identity and what it means to belong.

NBC Latino calls Denise “A Voice For 1st-Gen Latinos.” 

In September 2020 Denise was recognized as a “Featured Host” by Apple Podcast North America for her podcast “The Self-ish Latina'' which has listeners in 32 countries. Denise has been invited to speak on over 150 stages including two TEDx talks and has worked with some of the world's most recognized brands like Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, JP Morgan Chase, Salesforce, Procter & Gamble, Dow Jones, Eli Lilly, Starbucks and VaynerMedia to name a few. 

Renowned Harvard Professor Marshall Ganz uses Denise’s film “being eñye” as part of his Public Narrative course as an example of “The story of us.”


Denise has a combined audience of 97,000 followers across all platforms. Currently she is a semifinalist in Forbes 50 over 50 list. Her work has been published as a contributor in Huffington Post and Denise has been featured in Forbes as a “Trailblazing Latina”, on CNN, CNN Money, Chicago Tribune, Fox News Latino, HOLA, ABC, CBS and NBC.

She is currently in production with her second feature-length documentary about secret-keeping in the Latinx community (2022) and also working on a forthcoming book about Belonging (2021).


Rita Bautista

Founder of Latina Podcasters + Host of the Empowerment & All That Podcast

Anette Olmo

Founder of

Esperanza Silva

Founder of The Ixhibit

Rosalia Rivera

Founder of Consent Parenting + Host of the About Consent Podcast

Irisneri Alicea

Genealogist + Founder of Descubre Tu Historia

Gina Solano

Art Director + Author


Karina Silvestre

Founder of Lily and Q Social