Helping Latinas
find their voice
and live
their purpose.

Does your blood silently  boil when you read these stats?

😢  76% of Latinos feel like they can’t be themselves at work (Harvard Business Review, 2016) 

😢  Latinos grossly underrepresented in Hollywood- From 2007-2016 only ONE Latina has directed a top 100 film (Media,Diversity, & Social Change Initiative at USC, 2017)

😢  Latina Lawyers: Underrepresented and overqualified (Michigan Journal Of Race And Law, 2018)

😢  Report shows Latinos are underrepresented in local, and state governments (Los Angeles Times, 2015)

😢  Latinas face ongoing pay gap (Washington Center For Equitable Growth, 2018)

Let’s Get Right To The Point.

If reading  those stories and stats stir-up a fire inside you...

If you have a calling that's pulling you...

...and you believe in your heart our communities faces, voices, passions, and talents need to encouraged and nurtured...

I think you're going to be excited you're here.

I suspect you're on this page because you're open to the idea that one way to stop the marginalization of the Latinx community is to step forward, create our own spaces and support each other... 


 You’re here for a reason.

I don’t know what your motivation is, maybe…

You have a natural desire to help people.

 You want to show your kids that anything and everything is possible for them.

You want to figure out how to make money doing what you love.

You want to live a life that’s more fulfilling and authentic to who you really are.

You have a dream, but no idea how you can actually turn it into a business.

And that is what I’m going to help you do.

Here’s the truth:

You’re ready...

You CAN build your dream business...

You’re NOT selfish if you do something for yourself...

And it's NOT too late...


You Just Have To Learn How To Bake A Four Ingredient Cake…

Improve your mindset so you're not getting in your own way…

Take clear and specific steps toward your dream…

Surround yourself with like-minded women so you can feel empowered, seen and understood…

Get mentorship through a cultural lens so you’ll feel safe, comfortable and realize you’re not alone because you’ll have a community who can relate to your cultural challenges…


Mix them all together and you can create a successful business and live an awesome, purposeful life.

Here’s Something Extra Special…

When you go after your own dream, (especially if you are Latina), you’re showing the next generation it’s possible for them -  because they get to see someone that LOOKS LIKE THEM. 

Imagine being part of a community that’s going to empower, inspire and challenge you to step into the best version of yourself...PLUS, you help rewrite the narrative on what Latinas can accomplish!

I'm Denise Soler Cox

If you’re not sure who I am -  that’s ok ...

You probably got here because you …

👉  Watched my award-winning documentary

👉  Perhaps you listened to my Top 100 Podcast: "Self-ish Latina"

👉  You might have watched me speak at one of my TEDx talks

👉  Maybe you read about me in Forbes

Just so you know...

I’m not sharing those things because I love tooting my own horn!


Every one those accomplishments happened when I finally followed through with the one (scary) dream I had been putting off for 17 years...

But I AM tooting my horn to let you know…

I’m not just blowing smoke…

I know what I’m talking about when it comes to building a purpose-driven life from scratch!

I can help you do the same thing no matter what your passion is if you're ready to stop pushing pause on your dreams and if you're ready to stretch yourself and step into that powerful mujer that you know you are deep down!

The life you dream about CAN be yours. - AND the world is starving for your unique talents and voice.

The truth is: 

Now more than ever it’s super important that Latinas share their gifts and talents with the world.

Why? our young women...our daughters can see what’s possible.  They can’t see what’s possible for themselves unless they see it happening out here... in the real world.

Second… because you are so freaking talented... you’ve got to stop keeping your dreams and talents under the radar…

...It’s ok to have attention on you and your gifts because your talents are needed, appreciated and wanted!

Arlyne Marella

Founder of Queen with Arlyne +
Host of Recipes for Realness

Nicole Hernandez

Host of The Daring Kind Podcast and Founder of the Traveling Hypnotist

Maira Hernandez

Author of Aventura, Amor Y Tacos: The Path to Reconnecting with the Motherland

Ali Cortes

Founder of Bienestar Latinx 


Do you ever feel like you’re wrestling with two different parts of yourself?

If you have that feeling you're stuck in what I call “The Crunch.”

"The Crunch" is when you feel stuck between two worlds - mainstream culture and Latino culture.

Here’s why…

Mainstream (North American) culture is more Self Reliant which means it celebrates the individual,  if it were a person, it would say stuff like: “Never follow the crowd.” 


Latino culture is Collective which means it celebrates (and prioritizes) the group, if it were a person it would say: “Family first."

And when you're Latina you can multiply this identity crisis by a thousand.


This kind of internal struggle creates feelings and expectations that are hard to talk about and overcome.

However, if  you have a coach and community that’s just like you and understands how you see the world (through a collective lens)...

You’ll be able to break through those limitations in a way that is authentic to you AND respectful to your family and culture.’ll never feel like you're alone. 




 It’s been said more than once...


"You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

That’s why if you're feeling the pull to do more with your life it’s important to surround yourself with other people who are willing to dream big and go after big things...even if it scares the pants off of them.

When you’re part of The Enye Dream Accelerator™ you’re never alone.

You'll be encouraged  to reach out and ask for help…

So you can instantly tap into the wisdom and encouragement of the community.

When you try to do things alone…

It’s so much easier to quit.

It’s easy to listen to your self doubt and believe (the lie) that you’re not good enough.

It's easy to ignore what's important to your heart because no one is there saying "No way amiga, I'm not letting you fail - not on my watch!!"


EDA™ is made up of women that are serious about two things…

Creating the lives THEY really want and helping YOU create the life you want.

Which Brings Me To Why I’m Telling You All This…

 I want to help you break through the limiting patterns in your life that feel unchangeable so you can allow your genius to be seen and shared with the world which means…

...You’ll  make the positive impact you’re here to make and also have the cultural belonging and connection you’ve been struggling to find.



What exactly is The Enye Dream Accelerator™?  EDA is an online coaching and mentoring program for Latinas who want to make money doing the thing they love...but more than that they want to create a fulfilling life that's beyond their ancestors wildest dreams.

This is your chance to have me guide you every step of the way ...

No matter what your dream, I’m ready to help you achieve it in far less time than you could ever do on your own because I know exactly where you’re coming from..

And let me promise you this… My mission is to make sure you have the support, tools and ability to bridge all the complexities that come with creating a purpose driven life.


Because I know as a Latina you probably struggle with perfectionism and the weight of family expectations so it’s scary and hard to try something new.

You’ll be stunned by how much the coaching inside EDA will hit so close to your heart…

So it’s going to feel like such a relief knowing a lot of other people who have shared a similar experience…

And that means it’s going to be significantly easier for you to change the narrative around what you believe you can and cannot achieve…

Here’s  something I bet you're already sensing...EDA is  gonna be a  BLAST!

Life is too short to not be doing what truly lights you up and brings you joy...

Don’t you think?


Access to our entire library of EDA coaching calls: These calls are always powerful and practical and I urge you to take advantage of them... even if you can only watch a few minutes at a time...

As soon as you enroll you’ll get access to my ground-breaking "EDA Five Foundations" course - I’ll tell you more about Foundations - and why it’s so important in a minute...

Once you enroll you’ll get an email with information about our Welcome Zoom call. 

This is where I get to meet you face to face and get you pointed in the right direction for what you want to accomplish in EDA…

Oh, and don’t be surprised if current EDA Rock Stars  jump on to say “hello” and welcome you to the group - that's one of the many unofficial traditions in EDA.

Each month we have three live face to face Zoom calls (If you miss a call..don't worry...the calls are recorded so you can watch them when it suits you).

Call #1...Q & A  designed to answer all of your practical, real world  type questions… Thinks like..”How do I even get started?”

DON’T WORRY… I’ll be there to walk you through step- by -step so you’ll be 100% confident your starting off on the right foot.

Plus, you’ll have all the other women in EDA at your fingertips…

Our EDA community is an absolute gold mine of support, networking and resources. You’ll never feel like you're doing it alone.

Call #2.. is what I call the Here’s What’s Working Now Call: This where I consolidate every little tip, trick, secret and short cut that has helped make me successful and is making a huge impact for the other ladies in the group.

Call #3… Guest Faculty Call: Each month I  bring in someone extraordinary who will come on and share their story about how they carved out a successful, meaningful life…

….Previous guest range from the former publisher of HOLA magazine - to the V.P. of Gary Vaynerchuk’s media company VaynerX - and we've even had experts  mediation and organization and space clearing.

EDA Enrichment: Once a week EDA Rock Star Coach Rosalia Rivera teaches a 15 minute marketing clinic so you can jump on our FB page and ask our resident expert anything marketing related. She also leads a once a month extended Marketing Coaching so you'll always have the most up-to-date marketing tips including how to grow your Instagram (she grew hers to over 10,000 in less than a year and is helping many others do the same!) #instagramgenius

 The #GringoCowboy Copy Clinic 

My hubby, the #GringoCowboy is 
a phenomenal copywriter and he writes all my content (including this page!)….

Once a month he'll join us in the EDA FB group so you can learn easy to use copywriting tactics that will help create a clear and powerful message for your business and project - he'll also review any of your copy live on the call!




Get Over Yourself
And Tell Your Story

This module is powerful for one simple reason...

It makes you answer the question…
what are you going to do differently?... I'll teach you what to do differently and exactly how to do it.  This will change your life fast!


Breaking The
Sound Barrier

Believe it or not, how you set goals is a lot like a romantic relationship…so you better understand how to choose wisely…

...Because you don’t want to be in a #badromance with your goals.

You’ll also learn about the importance of self talk...

The reason:  
What you tell yourself has meaning and meaning turns into beliefs and beliefs are how you justify your actions.

Once you absorb these lessons you will be different.  And the changes will be energizing and authentic.  


Your Relationship
with "Future You"

 This is the module that will blow your hair back!  You’ll learn an exercise that will absolutely change your life.

In fact, anytime I’m feeling stuck or overwhelmed it never fails to help me beat back the "I’m not good enough blues."


How to Unapologetically Receive Your Deepest Desires

This is my favorite module because it’s all about receiving. 

It’s super important to understand the ways you give and receive because it’s easy to fall into the beliefs that your needs don’t matter or they have to be put on hold or on the back burner. 

With Module 4 under your belt, your eyes will truly be open to your self-worth.


You Can Have Everything You Believe You Can Have

Bring your Kleenex.  We’re going deep into worthiness because I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t make sure you get this’ll never feel truly fulfilled if you don’t believe you're worthy.

After working through Module’ll see how far more confident you’ve become and you’ll be ready to springboard into living your dream.


Just so you know... I rewatch them all the time myself. Plus, I’m updating them regularly so you can always have new tools to help look at problems from a new angle and get more clarity in your life..

EDA Foundations™ all by itself is worth $1,997.00 but when you enroll in EDA™ you'll get it for FREE!

Why are these modules so critical and valuable to your success?

Once you absorb these lessons all the way into your heart and then into your DNA...
That you're worthy and you deserve this as much as the next person... 
There’s  no mountain you can't climb, and NOTHING you can’t achieve!



Embrace Your Latindad!  Value $497

This is where you’ have fun and get down and dirty with your Latinx identity.

The  typical email I get after someone has completed the Embrace Your Latindad™ goes like this…

Oh my gosh, many of these things have completely changed how I view myself as a cultural being.’  

And what makes me doubly proud and excited is how pumped they are to go through the course again with a family member!

The Foundations of EDA™ Step-byStep Action Guide!  Value $250

The Five Foundations of EDA Step-by-Step Action Guide gives you a complete breakdown of the Five Foundations of EDA™, including the amount of time it takes to complete each module and video. This action guide will help you plan your Five Foundations of EDA™ experience so you can implement quickly and start seeing results ASAP!

Genealogy Call (30 min)
Value: $100

One 30 minute call with our resident expert genealogist Irisneri Alicea. Discover, connect & heal through your ancestors stories.



Imagine if... could overcome self doubt. could allow yourself to dream big again. had a supportive community ready to help and lift you up at anytime.


Imagine the ripple effect you’ll create  when you make the decision to go after your dream...

your daughters, your sons’ll be  living proof that’s it’s possible for THEM to achieve their dreams…

...they’ll know it's not just lip service when you tell them “You can do anything, you set your mind to”...

...and the entire Latinx community as a whole can believe it’s possible... because they’ll see you... someone who looks like them and sounds like them.

You can do this.


REMEMBER - I’ve been right where you are - so I’m doing what I can to make your decision as easy as possible.

Enrollment is only $97 a month for this life-changing mentorship program.  

That’s $3.23 a day over the course of a month to turn your passion into a reality! 

And just for a real world reference on what an awesome bargain this is...

My daily Venti Custom Chai Latte is over $5.00!

So, if you want access to this life-changing program, don’t waste another second…

Imagine living the kind of purpose-driven life you’ve been dreaming about. 

Imagine the joy you’ll feel waking up every morning because you’re doing what you love…

...Imagine the positive impact you’ll have on your family.

Feel how proud you’ll be when your kids are achieving their dreams because you proved to them they really could do anything!

It’s time for YOU to have the version of your life you’ve been dreaming about.

The opportunity is here waiting for you.

There are people out there waiting who WANT and NEED the unique gifts you have. They want to pay you for doing what you love.  They want to thank you for making their lives better.

There’s only one problem:  You have to believe you're “ready.”  You have to have the right support around you.

That’s exactly what The EÑYE DREAM ACCELERATOR™ is going to give you.



If I don’t WOW you — AND prove to you this is the BEST decision you can make for your life and career — I’ll give you a FULL refund!

Take a full 30 days to make sure The Eñye Dream Accelerator™ is for you. If by that time, you still aren’t thrilled with what you’ve learned, simply let me know and I’ll give an immediate and full refund of every penny you invested. No kidding!

And YOU get to be the judge! LOVE it — or pay NOTHING!

Take a full 30 days. Go through the materials.  See if you like my coaching style. Start applying what I teach and test it out for yourself.

If after 30 days, you still feel you can not benefit from all the tips, techniques, shortcuts and support that comes with EDA™ just send me an email to [email protected] You’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

I really don’t think that’ll be the case, however. Once you see just how much I’ve done to OVER-DELIVER, I think you’ll be delighted and want to keep EDA™ as your “special gift for yourself.”







I’m so excited I’m dancing to the "One Day at a Time" new theme song "This is it"!! You have a 100% risk free guarantee that I can really help YOU transform your life.

And I’m ready to help you right now.

If you’ve got a soul’s calling… committed… and ready for some serious hands-on training…

Then this is it!

Your chance. Your opportunity. And your time to create the life you dream about!

Make this investment in YOU, Rock Star!

Cheering for you always,

Denise Soler Cox

P.S. Here’s what my EDA Rock Stars  want you to know…

Rita Bautista

Founder of Latina Podcasters + Host of the Empowerment & All That Podcast

Anette Olmo

Founder of

Esperanza Silva

Founder of The Ixhibit

Rosalia Rivera

Founder of Consent Parenting + Host of the About Consent Podcast

Irisneri Alicea

Genealogist + Founder of Descubre Tu Historia

Gina Solano

Art Director + Author


Karina Silvestre

Founder of Lily and Q Social

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