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THE EÑYE DREAM ACCELERATOR - my personal step-by-step Dream Fulfillment Coaching Process for women who want to make their dream life their real life (without feeling guilty for putting yourself first)!

I've met with, talked with, laughed and cried with thousands of women over the last seven years and I've learned one thing... and it's that almost all of them have a dream they're putting on hold. Trust me I know exactly how you feel. For 17 years, every January I wrote down the same dream and for 17 years I was too afraid to take action...

Does this sound familiar?
You have a big idea...

...but your confused about how to begin (and part of you is petrified to get started even if you did!)

...but you feel strongly that you need a certification, another degree or something that says you're "good enough" to do this. 

...but you don't want to let down your family or seem ungrateful for all that you have.

...but you feel selfish for wanting more.

...but frustrated that you haven’t yet created the impact and lifestyle you crave even though you know you are meant for more!

...but it's looking less realistic by the day, leaving you overwhelmed and burnt out.

...but you constantly catch yourself saying things like, “I’m not sure I have what it takes,” and “I’m afraid of what people (especially my family) will say.”


If you’ve nodded yes to most of these it's gonna be ok!

The truth is you’re completely NORMAL. Wanting more for your life (beyond having a family and a good stable job if you work outside of the home) is not an idea that is necessarily nurtured in our culture.

Which reminds me...

This self inflicted cycle of feeling guilty and selfish just because you want a more purpose-driven life is the most crippling thing you can do to yourself, your family and to your culture.

I know, that’s some pretty heavy stuff. This is something I went through myself over almost 2 decades. And you  would be shocked to know I was so close to just giving up on what lights up my soul - I'm SO glad I didn't!!

And after hearing so many woman telling me they wished they could figure out how to start on their dream, I decided to take everything I had learned and put it together in the form of a  coaching program. 

Because there’s nothing I love more than helping women just like you grow their confidence, transform their relationships, and turn that soul dimmer switch up to its brightest setting!

So why are you stuck in this place?

Even though our culture is generous, hardworking, and caring it also instills a variety of limiting beliefs.

Most of us were not raised to go for our dreams. Most of us were raised to put others first and to be grateful for what we have vs rocking the boat to try to get “more.” This is doubly true if you are raising a family.

The top two questions I get after screening my film are…

“What does your mother think?”...and

“Who’s taking care of your kids?" And I know that you are not surprised. It's no wonder that we're a little gun shy .


Here’s a closer look at The Eñye Dream Accelerator so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you.

It's time to get clear, simple and manageable steps without turning your life upside down

Learn everything you need to know to get your dream off the ground.

Get the accountability and clarity you need and accelerate your results.

Find a community that is invested in your success 


Be the first to know when doors open!

The Eñye Dream Accelerator is a coaching program that guides you, step by step, through each phase of my Dream Fulfillment Process™. You'll make significant progress each week and by the end you will be in full blown momentum on your big idea.

Once you are enrolled in the Eñye Dream Accelerator, you’ll be able to clearly see and transcend the blocks that stopped you in your tracks before. You will also have a crystal clear path to follow that will get you from Point A to B so you have clarity every step of the way.

Graduates of the Eñye Dream Accelerator™ have this to say...


In the Eñye Dream Accelerator™, you will go from:

... feeling like you have a lack of confidence to believing that you are the powerhouse that you knew that you were deep down.

... feeling like you’re helping other people all the time to prioritizing yourself (and not feeling guilty about it!)

... feeling worn out to having boundless energy to work on dream every day.

... feeling like no one believes in you to realizing you are a part of a sisterhood that champions your dreams.

... spending your free time doing things you’re not sure about to knowing exactly what steps to take to move in the right direction.

... doubting your abilities to feeling focused and determined.

Are you ready to make your dream life your real life?


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So what does enrolling in the 
Eñye Dream Accelerator™ give you?

My complete 7-Step Dream Fulfillment Process™ that will instantly put your vision into motion so you can finally feel aligned with your life’s purpose.

Dream Weaver

I’m not the same woman who started my dream journey 7 years ago. In this module you’ll explore and answer this essential question…”Who I need to become to achieve my dream?”

A Little Help From My Friends

I’m going share a secret with you...Latinas hate to ask for help. Ok, you probably already know that. :-)  We hate feeling like we’re bothering anyone. But support is VITAL to your success. I’ll teach you HOW to find the help and resources you’ll need and you’ll learn exactly what you need to say to get the ball rolling.

Visualize So You Can Materialize

Learn the simple steps of creating a “doable” action plan. After you create a plan that you know is doable you’ll be bouncing up and down with pride over the success you’ve created.

Say It Loud, Say It Proud

I still remember the moment I decided to start calling myself a filmmaker - I still knew zero about making a film but once I made the choice to declare who I was, I started to create that life!) Learn the 3 step Dream Accelerator Framework, which takes you from saying “ I got an idea” to saying “ I am (fill in the blank).”

Act As If

You change your life by choosing new behaviors. In this module you’ll be rolling up your sleeves and working on some exercises that will help ensure the progress and changes you’ve made ACTUALLY stick so you’ll stay in momentum.

Giving & Receiving

This module is certified TNT. If you don't have what you want in life you HAVE to transform your beliefs around giving and receiving. I'm not gong to lie, this one will be a game changer.

The Path Forward

In this final module we’ll take a last look at your plan and progress to ensure you practice and internalize what you learn and can continue to implement it every day!

You also receive monthly hot-seat style Q&A coaching calls designed to get your specific questions answered. These calls are the richest part of the program because of how authentically people share about their journey and when one person has a breakthrough the whole group has one too. These calls are a huge example of the African Proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

With the powerful materials inside
the Eñye Dream Accelerator
(which you have lifetime
access to!),

you’ll have everything you need
to make your dream come true!


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One More Thing About The Dream Accelerator...It’s FUN!

It’s fun knowing your no longer putting your passion on hold.

It’s fun creating the life that makes you feel full and complete

It’s fun knowing you’re a walking, talking , breathing inspiration to your kids, and family

It’s fun connecting with people on an honest and authentic level… and

It’s fun being part of a community that encourages, laughs, cries and inspires TOGETHER.

I just want to share one more thing with you.

The mistake most people make (I'm guilty of this too) is using the DIY method of trying getting it done on your own, like by yourself.

There are 3 BIG problems with this approach...

You’re not following a proven system…

You don’t have a supportive community... and worse

You don’t have any accountability.

Listen to me, that nagging, gnawing feeling you carry around because you're not executing on your biggest dream is taking a far greater toll than you think.

It takes a toll on how you care and think about yourself...and... how you care and think about those you love.

No one can do this for you but you also don't have to do this alone.

This is your chance to work directly with me so you can skyrocket your dream in record-breaking time. And you will have lifetime access to the entire Dream Fulfillment Process™.




Lifetime Access to Embrace Your Latinidad™ our foundational identity course + access to our growing interview library. 


Be the first to know when doors open!

Meet Your Coach

Denise Soler Cox
 is a distinguished member of the 4th Cohort of the Stanford Latino Leaders Entrepreneur Program and is a National Association of Latino Independent Producers 2017 Fellow. Denise was also the 2017 recipient of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Bridge Builder Education Award.

She has been the featured speaker in places like Facebook, LinkedIn, KPMG, The Smithsonian Latino Center, Yale University, Microsoft, YELP, The Gap, Wellesley College, Google, Proctor & GambleStarbucks and VaynerMedia to name a few. She is also a two-time TEDx speaker.  

Her work with Project Eñye has been featured on, CNN, NBC Latino, the Chicago Tribune, Telemundo, Univision, Fox News Latino and more.

Being Eñye Trailer

 Here's the trailer to the project that I put off for 17 years!

It's now an award-winning film!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The coaching group is open and valuable to anyone from any cultural or ethnic group.

While we encourage everyone to be on the calls live, they are all uploaded on the same day that they are recorded.

The program begins on September. All calls are recorded and added to your portal that you will have 24-7 access to.

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Become the next ROCKSTAR success story of the Eñye Dream Accelerator!! EDA is a group coaching program designed for ambitious women who are ready to live the life they imagined!