Speak Spanish? 

If you've ever struggled with NOT speaking Spanish... 

If you've ever experienced shame or guilt around NOT speaking Spanish 'well enough' or 'not at all', this free language chapter is for you.


No More Guilt Or Shame

For eñyes, NOT speaking Spanish can mean that we feel shame that we can’t speak our family’s language while at the same time we feel like we are isolated from our culture and heritage.

You're Not Alone Read This Now!

Not speaking Spanish can also represent a painful disconnect from culture, but it doesn’t have to be. In the following pages, we will explore your connection to language in a meaningful way.

Gain Clarity Around This Devisive Topic

The impact of this is felt in many of our families. For some, it means we feel shame about speaking our parents’ language and if our parents didn’t speak English we might have been thrust into being the family spokesperson.


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