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The Eñye Nation is a community that helps you overcome the belief that you are not Latino enough or American enough so you can reawaken the powerful Latino within you and slay in every area of your life by embracing your Latinidad instead of going it alone. Let's do this!


Can you relate to these statements?

You shouldn’t have to feel so torn.
You deserve to feel like you belong.
You deserve to feel loved and supported by your family and community.
You deserve to feel safe in all the spaces you occupy.
You deserve to feel like you can be and express your full self.

I'm Denise Soler Cox and I’ve been through it personally... and I made an award-winning film about it! I’ve spoken on stages all over the US to thousands of people and understand firsthand not only my journey the journey of thousands of others who have been through the same thing. I’ve coached and helped countless people from the stage and one on one and now I want to help you!

You're not alone!

• There are countless numbers of Latinos experiencing this.
• Are you ready to let go of old stories of shame and guilt?
• Do you yearn for a community that understands & supports you?

If you said yes to one or more of the above, then the Eñye Nation is for you!

About Denise Soler Cox 

Growing up Latina in the suburbs of Manhattan was amazing and at times a lonely experience for me. I didn’t feel Latina enough for my Puerto Rican family and I never felt American enough for the mainstream culture I grew up in – Westchester County, NY.  I never shared how I felt with anyone and sincerely believed this narrative was all my own.

When I was 26, I experienced an “aha moment” where I realized that I was not alone. I belonged to a group of 16 million Latinos who were born in the US but who had parents from Spanish speaking countries. (I later found out we were referred to as “eñye’s”.)  I had a BIG idea that night that I believed could change the way that Latinos saw themselves in the world and I knew it was powerful because of how it changed me. I felt deeply connected and part of something in a way I’d never known and I wanted to share that feeling with the world. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong!

Two years ago I made the movie being eñye with the the sole purpose of creating a powerful community around this identity. I wanted to validate this exepreince in a way that had not been done before.

After two straight years on the road and countless screenings from school cafeterias to board rooms in Fortune 500 companies, I expereinced a personal transformation including a radical self acceptance that I'd never known. This happened to me while being in community with other Latinos from all walks of life and in all areas of the country.


Denise's Personal Message To You!

I want to give you the gift of self-awareness and self-acceptance that I've expereinced over the last two years. That's why I created The Eñye Nation.

The Complete “Embrace Your Latinidad Course”
(8 modules of training and challenges)


It was only until I understood this that I could appreciate years of feeling left out and thinking it was me. This is why I started Project Eñye and why I am offering this Collective Membership, so you don't have to feel alone like I did!


Our food is a big part of our culture, whether we eat arroz con pollo, mofongo, tacos, tamales, pupusas, churrascada, or empanadas. Our memories are strongly tied to smells and many trigger strong emotions.


Language crystallizes our experience and all of its complexities and it brings forth the duality of our experience. Language mastery is a complicated and emotional issue for many of us. In this module, we explore these intricacies and inspire you to get to a place of self-acceptance.


The way we are treated because of our image shapes how we interact with those around us and how we see ourselves. Exploring how this continues to shape us is an important step in creating new beliefs about beauty and self-image that might be helpful and hopefully compel us to embrace, understand and celebrate the diversity of Latino beauty.


Home is the place we physically grew up in the United States, but can also be our ancestral home and a place we only visited as children. This module is all about our emotions around our homes, our origins and ourselves. 


Keeping your voice authentic at work. Enyes are masters of code-switching and many maintain a public persona that is quite different than their private persona. In this module, we will dissect how we live our professional lives, what elements of our culture we bring to the table and how they intersect with the mainstream culture we encounter in our professional lives. 


More than ever the world needs love, laughter and family and Latinos have an abundance, they key is passing it down.  This module covers how we keep our culture alive in our homes, in our hearts, and how we pass it on to the next generation. 


At its core, this course is about self-love. It's about addressing the ways in which we have been made to feel less than worthy by our culture or by our internal dialog of guilt and shame.  This module ties the entire course together!

Plus You Get...

* Downloadable PDF’s with super fun challenges

* Live monthly coaching calls with Denise and other influencers & experts

* Member Spotlight

* Bonus interviews with influencers & experts

* Private Facebook Group

Here's what our community has been saying...

"Being Eñye is such a powerful story of so many of us in this country, creating a space for such a crucial dialogue about belonging and being proud of the differences we each bring to the table."

Saray E. Lopez
Assistant Dean of Community Outreach & Inclusion Office of Multicultural Affairs & Diversity | University of Phoenix

"There were tears, and epiphanies, there were tough convos, there were shared experiences, but most of all there was a sense of communidad and a respect for all of our cultures as Latinos."

Matthew Mendiola
President, Hispanics of LinkedIn Alliance | LinkedIn

"We had such a great time with Denise. She did a fantastic job. These events were a huge success not only for our organizations but for our community as well. We are so grateful to have been able to bring this important conversation to the front line here in GR and we all look forward to furthering the conversation within our community. On behalf of Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., The Latino Community Coalition, The Hispanic Center, and our sponsors, thank you so much again for working with all of us!"

Kim Van Driel
Special Events Manager at Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.

You have a choice, what will it be?

Continue feeling like you’re disappointing everyone or you can feel guilt-free for making the choices that make the most sense to you.

Continue feeling like you're not living up to everyone’s standards or choose to love and accept yourself exactly where you are on your journey.

Continue feeling like you’re “too much” or “not enough” or choose to know in your heart that you are just right the way you are.


Become  A Member Today!

Join Denise Soler Cox in helping you overcome guilt, shame and isolation around not feeling Latino enough so you can reawaken the powerful Latino within you and slay in every area of your life by embracing your Latinidad together instead of going it alone. You can do this!

Here's how you can expect to feel the moment you join!

Relieved, hopeful and connected.

Supported and on the right track.

You’ll be a part of something bigger than you because not only are you helping yourself reach the next level but, you'll be helping others reach their next level.

And you'll be living up to your dream of helping your community NOW instead of waiting until everything is perfect and you have everything figured out!



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