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I help Latinos overcome guilt, shame and isolation around not feeling Latino enough so that you can reawaken the powerful Latino within and slay in every area of your life by embracing your Latinidad instead of going it alone. Learn more about the Eñye Movement. 


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Whether you speak fluent Spanish or not, you are Latino! Download a FREE Chapter of Denise Soler Cox's Eñye Nation Workbook!

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Often times we bury our cultural connection & feelings. Watch this video "If you don't feel Latino Enough or American Enough here's why". 

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If you've ever NOT felt Latino enough, come join Eñye Nation's Facebook Community and express yourself.

Meet Denise Soler Cox

The inspirational woman who started it all. It all started with a feeling and it turned into a movement. Learn more about Denise Soler Cox and her journey to releasing her feelings of guilt, shame and isolation and embracing her Latinidad and fueling an entire Eñye Nation. 

The Eñye Nation Movement

The Eñye Nation is a community that helps you overcome the belief that you are not Latino enough or American enough so you can reawaken the powerful Latino within you and slay in every area of your life by embracing your Latinidad instead of going it alone. Let's do this!

being eñye

Watch the film that inspired it all. ​"being eñye" reveals the raw and personal struggle of a married Latina mother as she becomes the unexpected, controversial and inspiring leader for thousands of Latinos wresting with their cultural identity.​ "See this film!" – Dolores Huerta, CABE 2018


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Watch The Collective VS Self Reliant Video

An inspiring video made with Denise Soler Cox just for Eñyes who experience the internal struggle of living in two worlds. This moving video reflects the cultural differences that sometimes contribute to feelings of guilt.